Why Arbacore pellets is the way to go

Fossil fuel is different energy sources of hydrocarbons and today fossil fuel is one of the dominant energy sources on earth. Unfortunately, the use fossil fuel has a major negative impact on the environment, the worst one is considered global warming.

The Albacore pellets are a renewable product and are developed to replace or be mixed with the fossil fuel in coal-fired power plants. The torrefied pellets are produced by breaking down the wood fibers using steam explosions so the binding agent in wood is released. When the process is done the very dark brown pellets are created with a higher energy content.

brown pellets

Brown pellets has many benefits

While using the Arbacore pellets you don’t lose any power station because many of the properties is shared with coal. It can be transported, stored and even handled in the same way as coal. Therefore, it is very easy for you to use torrefied pellets as co-firing with coal or switch to a renewable energy production completely.

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The benefits with the almost brown pellets are many compared to the white pellets. The black ones are water-resistant, which ease the outdoor handling and storage. It also contains almost 50% more energy/cubic meter than regular white pellets. Arbacore make it possible to increase power generation faster than coal ever could and is therefore the perfect source of renewable energy, both for you and the environment.